Birthday Art Challenge 2020 - Monsters versus Covid

The Short Story: Draw Dinosaurs, Robots, and mythical monsters in the time of Coronavirus

The Long Story: I'm an adult now, and I have all of the things that I need, most of the things that I want, and probably too many things that fall into neither category. So for my last 10 birthdays I've asked people to draw me things as a birthday present.

So if you’re the sort of person who:
- might send me a card and you think this is a nice idea, or
- wouldn’t send me a card but this sounds like fun, or
- who doesn’t know me but likes to draw things…

… then draw a picture! It’ll be fun for you and enjoyable for me (and everyone else), and super cheap. I've set a theme each year, and this year the theme is:

The When: Mid June!

Monsters versus Covid

By monsters, I mean Mythical monsters, Giant (or not so giant) robots, and of course my beloved Dinosaurs*! Draw them living their best life in the dumpster fire that is the coronavirus pandemic. Draw a Therizinosaur in a facemask! A Mech fighting a gigantic virion! The Greek giant Briareus awkwardly washing his hundred hands!

(*and dinosaur-adjacent creatures - I'm not going to get too tied up about a Plesiosaur clapping for carers or a Dimetrodon on a zoom call).

(As always, drawings on previous themes - or indeed any cool theme - are also appreciated, so a giant wizard bot smashing a resigned bowl of petunias over a coronavirus while swinging out a centipede in orthopedic shoes would be quite okay).

For inspiration here are links to the last 10 galleries:

2010: Dinosaurs and Cephalopods in Formal Wear:

2011: DANCE-BOT 5000:

2012: Monsters in their Dotage:

2013: Party Bugs!:

2014: A Hitchhiking Birthday:

2015: Super-Dinos!:

2016: Things with Faces:

2017: Tiny-o-saurs:

2018: Eurosaurs:

2019: Magic Robots:

Notes: I'm usually pretty happy on my birthday anyway, so if you can read this you should not feel obliged in any way - just if you feel like it and think you'd enjoy drawing something dinosaur-related, I'd be delighted to see the results! Don't feel that artistic skill is necessary - I'm terrible at drawing myself, and also don't feel you need to know me: I've had some excellent pictures from people I've never met. (and if you do know me, feel free to share this with people who don't but who might enjoy it).

Special 2020 Note: Also, if you're struggling to get anything done during the pandemic, don't fret if you want to do this but can't! It's okay, we're all in this together, I do not want anyone to beat themselves up because of me. I got your back, and the stakes are literally zero.


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