Birthday Art 2019

2019 Birthday Art Challenge

Theme: Magic Robots

(scroll through or click on an image for slideshow)

Rowan's party wizard helps you install the fun

Mike's Factory-bot can send 500 Cinderellas a minute to the ball

Ang's C3PO thinks you'll like this... a lot.
Nicola's Bronto-stairus is hoping for a new baking tin

James's Zoltan 3.1 can look into the past as well as the future thanks to 360 degree time gimbals

Clare's Robo-duck resembles itself, an ontological paradox that has fried its circuits
Keith's Escapology-bot forgot one critical fact about the water tank

Julie's robot on a broomstick is (s)Witched on!

Brihony's robot factory has prestidigital technology

Zack's Megatron Weasley is ready for your sass, Robo-Malfoy!

Keith's The Magician is number 00000001 in the robo-tarot deck.


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