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Birthday Art Challenge 2021 - Babysaurs and Babybots

  The Short Story: Draw baby dinosaurs and baby robots! The Long Story: I'm increasingly (see below!) an adult now, and I have all of the things that I need, most of the things that I want, and probably too many things that fall into neither category. So for my last 11 birthdays I've asked people to draw me things as a birthday present. So if you’re the sort of person who: - might send me a card and you think this is a nice idea, or - wouldn’t send me a card but this sounds like fun, or - who doesn’t know me but likes to draw things… … then draw a picture! It’ll be fun for you and enjoyable for me (and everyone else), and super cheap. I've set a theme each year, and this year the theme is: The When: Mid June! The What: Babysaurs and Babybots As hinted above, not only am I more an adult this year by virtue of the inevitable passage of time, this is also my first birthday as a father. So I'll be drawing (and would like to invite anyone else to draw) baby dinosaurs and b

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