Birthday Art 2017

2017 Birthday Art Challenge

Theme: Tiny-o-saurs

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Steve's Tiny T-Rex thinks hunting microscopic creatures is Tardi-great!

Julie's birthday insect is happy there aren't any dinosaurs around

Keith's dromaeosaur is nervous to meet a relative

Zack's tyrannosaur has to be at least three times larger...

Ang's Minimum Triceratops ain't no chicken!

Rowan invokes the Dinosaurs Everywhere clause

Aleks's T-Rex was so preoccupied with whether he could take the day off work to visit a theme park, he didn't stop to think whether he should.

Charlie's Brachiosaur watches the dirty snowball approaching. Of course this isn't a comet, it really is just a dirty snowball!

James's Dinosaur is the first to be proved not extinct by a pre-pun-derance of evidence.

Jane's Tyrannosaurs escape from the lush jungle environment of a hairbrush.

Cristan's dinosaur fights its way out of the envelope

Tom's T-Rex doesn't understand why this bumper-car is so full of crumbs

Zack's Tiny T-Rex has opinions on the compression formats used to make dinosaurs smaller


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