Birthday Art 2020

2020 Birthday Art Challenge

Theme: Monsters vs Covid

(scroll through or click on an image for slideshow)

"Covie Monster" by Ang

"Mask Lament" by Hazel 

"I grew it extra big to social distance" by Jane

"Think of the Colony" by Julie

"This town ain't big enough for the both of us" by Keith

"Stay in the goddamned house, Shinji" by Zack

"You're supposed to wear the mask to protect your loved ones, Bruce!" by Ang

"Capi the Covidosaur in: Too Many Apples!" by Gary and Zoe

"Capi the Covidosaur (study)" by Gary

"Little Sauropod" by Gary

"Covid vs the Real Monster" by Rowan

"Isolate!" by Jane


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