Birthday Art 2018

2018 Birthday Art Challenge

Theme: Eurosaurs

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Jim's Stegpipeosaur considers Scottish independence

Brihony's T-Rex is the protagonist of the next sequel. Jurassic World: Cup

James's antipodean Muttaburrasaurus Langdoni has important questions for this European Mammoth

Amy's Victorian English Megalosaur is Fan-tastic

This feather-bedecked Viking Centrosaurus Horneri is ready to turn her enemies into several partial skulls and a partial skeleton.

Zack shows us that the Eu-oplocephalus was one human unit tall
Here he is at his day job at the european parliament.

Phil's Vladoraptor in a classic slavic squat

Rowan's delicious euro-flag dinosaur biscuits

Rowan's biscuits again, this time in as close as we could guess geographic location (Iceland off the top left of the map, photo taken subsequent to me forcing a hard brexit by eating the UK)

Faith's Blue Glowing Coconut Octopus acts as a cephalopodian palate-cleanser after all that sweet saurian goodness.


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