Birthday Art Challenge 2019 - Magic Robots

The Short Story: Draw robots with magical powers

The Long Story: I'm an adult (maybe?). I have all of the things that I need, most of the things that I want, and really quite a lot of things that I neither need nor want. So for my last 9 birthdays I've asked people to draw me things as a birthday present.

So: If (see end note) you’re the sort of person who:
- might send me a card and you think this is a nice idea, or
- wouldn’t send me a card but this sounds like fun, or
- who doesn’t know me but likes to draw things…

… then draw a picture! It’ll be fun for you and enjoyable for me (and everyone else), and super cheap. I've set a theme each year, and this year the theme is:

Magic Robots

Anything that is magical and robotic is fair game! A factory robot pulling a rabbit out of a hat! A unicorn robot! One of those disturbing Boston Dynamics humanoids but in a wizard's cloak! C3PO with a wand!

(As always, drawings on previous themes - or indeed any cool theme - are also appreciated, so a magical croatian cockroach-bot dancing balboa with a space whale while a three-headed dinosaur with a long grey beard watches from the sidelines would be quite acceptable).

For inspiration here are links to the last 9 galleries:

2010: Dinosaurs and Cephalopods in Formal Wear:

2011: DANCE-BOT 5000:

2012: Monsters in their Dotage:

2013: Party Bugs!:

2014: A Hitchhiking Birthday:

2015: Super-Dinos!:

2016: Things with Faces:

2017: Tiny-o-saurs:

2018: Eurosaurs:

END NOTE: The "if" up there is emphasised exactly because I'm usually pretty happy on my birthday anyway, so if you can read this you should not feel obliged in any way - just if you feel like it and think you'd enjoy drawing something dinosaur-related, I'd be delighted to see the results! Don't feel that artistic skill is necessary - I'm terrible at drawing myself, and also don't feel you need to know me: I've had some excellent pictures from people I've never met. (and if you do know me, feel free to share this with people who don't but who might enjoy it).


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